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highlights from last years trip

Every year, we hear stories of how students encountered God and connected with each other on the Spring Break trip.

It could be the scenery (we stay in a lodge surrounded by mountain views), the miles of trails to hike, or the lazy afternoons hammocking. It could be the worship and teaching, slow morning devotions, or honest small group conversations. We think it's all of the above. This trip is for you. It's for play and rest, laughter and awe, conversation and quiet. It's for making space to experience the depth of God's creativity and love for us - while hanging out in the mountains with 70 friends who will feel like family in no time.

We can't wait to see you in Tennessee.

"Spring Break in the Smokies with Campus House is one of the few times we, as college students, can truly experience God in our lives in a true heartfelt community." - student who attended last year's trip

"Spring Break with Campus House challenged me to look for God more everyday, and spurred me on in my walk with Christ." - student who attended last year's trip

"My experience as part of the Campus House community has really revitalized my faith and shown me how important it is to run this race with others, and also how much I enjoy being part of a church community." - student who attended last year's trip

"It is exciting to witness the transformation that occurs within a community when everyone present is focused on being there (not worrying about the future), on being genuinely loving to each other, on being willing to build new friendships, and on being attentive to the Lord's Spirit." - student who attended last year's trip

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